Carcinomul bazocelular vulvar-aspecte histologice-lb engleza

Similar to cutaneous basal cell carcinoma.


2-8% of all vulvar malignancies
Usually women >60 years of age 
Mean age at diagnosis: 70 years (range 20-96 years)
Development of  BCC correlates to ultraviolet light exposure, but non sun exposed areas can also develop BCC
Caucasian women are affected more than those with pigmented skin
Tumors usually arise from cutaneous surface, but rarely affect mucosal epithelia of vulva
Chronic vulvar irritation (e.g. long term use of diapers) appears to be the most important contributing factor
Other proposed factors: ionizing radiation, arsenic, chronic inflammation, hamartomas, immune deficiency
Molecular alterations:
Activation of the Hedgehog signaling pathway leading to overexpression of GLI1 or GLI2 gene products
Loss of function mutations of PTCH1 or PTCH2 (My Cancer Genome – BCC)
Activating mutations of SMO
p53 mutations identified in many cases
Not related to HPV
Clinical features
Slow growing, painless lesion that may ulcerate
Itching, discomfort, bleeding, mass or swelling, ulcer and pain
Younger women (< 50 years) may not have many symptoms
Often mimics eczema, psoriasis or other inflammatory dermatoses that do not respond to standard therapies
Diagnosis of vulvar BCC almost never made at clinical examination

Gross description: Vegetating, ulcerated, pedunculated, infiltrative, nodular or pigmented lesions.

Micro description
Histologic examination is essential for diagnosis.
Features are similar to BCC elsewhere.
Proliferation of nests of small basal cells with high nuclear to cytoplasmic ratio, peripheral palisading and no obvious intercellular bridges.
Epidermal connection can often be identified.
Mitotic figures and apoptosis are frequently seen within the same nest
The surrounding stroma is loose and mucin-rich (hyaluronic acid), leading to retraction artifacts due to mucin shrinkage during tissue processing.
Presence of perineural infiltration and lymphovascular space involvement should be documented.
A wide variety of histologic types have been described; the following patterns are also clinically significant for management and prognosis:
Diffuse (infiltrating, micronodular and morpheaform)
Superficial (multifocal)
Fibroepithelioma of Pinkus


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Adenoid differentiation

Basophilic nodules with peripheral palisading

Nodular BCC

Dermal tumor mases

Infundibulocystic BCC

With Paget’s disease

Diffuse bcl2+

Differential diagnosis

  • Clinical differential diagnosis:

Bowen’s disease
Contact dermatitis
Lichen sclerosus
Lichen simplex chronicus
Paget’s disease

  • Histological differential diagnosis:

Adnexal tumors including desmoplastic trichoepithelioma


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